I've always tried to stand up with the underdog - with people who are persecuted.

Example on a small scale: when I was in fifth grade, at camp, several children began taunting and teasinf a girl I didn't know. I walked over and asked her to join myself and my friends. That little girl, from another state, wrote me letters until we were in our early-to-mid 20s.

On a larger scale: I've joined protests with black leaders, including controversial John Wiley Price, when they protested sleazy establishments trying to move near their residences, when cigarette and alcohol companies targeted them with billboards, and when companies and governments failed to adequately represent them.  There is no doubt in my mind that prejudice and discrimination against the black community remains rampant.

Now, however, there's a need to stand up against a black group in its protest against a Korean convenience store owner who killed a man after he ran off with his entire cash register. The man had just been released from prison where he had served time for committing "several robberies". That cash register probably held enough money to feed this poor man's family for a month - and he had worked hard to earn it.

The protests are now taking place six days a week by volunteers who steer potential customers away from this man's store. And the trouble all began when a Nation of Islam leader, Jeffery Muhammad, got into a verbal skirmish with the store owner.

The Dallas Morning News quotes Muhammad as saying this: "Pak must go. So should other Asian-American merchants in black neighborhoods. ..They are just the latest in a long line of people who have come to this country - like Jews, Italians, Indians and now Asians - who have sucked the blood of and exploited the black community."

Please be safe, but please stop by and buy something from the Diamond Shamrock Kwik Shop on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Being in a holy place often means taking action to make our world a more holy place. Fighting prejudice in all its forms, against its many targets, is one way of doing this.

See you at the Kwik Shop.